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Award-winning Community and Influencer Manager | Host | Writer | Voice Actress Accessibility

Hey there! I'm Liana 👋 It's nice to meet you! Here is a little bit about me and the wide variety of experience I bring to the table with over two decades of in-the-trenches work within the games industry. We should work together!


I have worked in the gaming industry for 21 years now (we don't need to talk about that OK, don't make me feel like a dinosaur) across a multitude of disciplines. While I started out my career in media and a large swath of that experience comes from my work at outlets such as Game Informer, GameSpot, Prima Games, CBS, and an on-air guest on BBC International TV, I pivoted drastically in the last 7 years to expand my experience. In that period of growth, I have worked as a Director of Editorial managing outlets like Prima Games, Twin Galaxies, and Shack News. I've worked as a Director of Partnerships working with organizations like Twitch, ESA, ESRB and game studios from all over the world. Other roles I have dedicated my time to in the past decade include:


✨ PR

✨ Business analytics

✨ Global marketing strategies

✨ Accessibility consultation

✨ On-camera host

✨ Scriptwriting

✨ Community and talent management

In a moment of pure honesty, I am devastated by the loss of my role at Bungie. I was built for that job and feel as though I was able to create a genuine relationship with the Destiny 2 community as well as help create more efficient processes that helped not only our publishing department but departments across the board with our devs. But I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish in my first two years:

✨ AAA Community Manager of the Year award in my very first year.

✨ Bungie's first-ever Accessibility award (What a fun New York trip that was!) in over 30 years.

✨ Created and cultivated the growth of:

    ➡ Accessibility at Bungie, our in-house accessibility initiative that aims  to make Bungie games available for all regardless of accommodation.

    ➡ Mental Health and Neurodivergence at Bungie, a place for connection and education as well as a resource hub for devs and managers to create a safer and more empathetic environment for neurodivergent devs.

    ➡ Veteran Vanguard, a place where United States veterans could come together for that sense of community we often long for as well as group charity initiatives to do some good out in the world.

✨ Hosted and helped produce the Lightfall pre and post-showcase live to an audience of 4+ million players.

✨Hosted and produced internal Bungie Week interviews.

✨Worked on various partnerships Bungie took part in, such as Ubisoft, InnerSloth, PlayStation Studios, and [REDACTED]

✨ Created new pathways for Community to work with our Player Support team for more effective communication, better internal triage processes, and support for both teams.

✨ Raised the pay band for the entire Community team.

I am open to roles within the following scopes:

❇ Community/Influencer Relations
❇ ID&E and Accessibility
❇ On-camera hosting, panel moderation

I'd love to work with you, let's make magic happen!


See more video work here

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I'm open to press event coverage, hosting opportunities, public speaking, accessibility consultation, mentorship availabilities, and other professional possibilities! Please leave a detailed message including:  

  • Any travel involved?

  • Paid?

  • Educational vs. Recreational? 

  • Any relevant dates

Thanks for submitting!

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