Liana Ruppert.


With an arguably unhealthy obsession with Dragon Age and Mass Effect, Liana is wildly passionate about all things in the gaming community. From shooters, to RPGs, if it's out - she's playing it.

Liana is currently a part of the Game Informer team, working alongside some of the most talented names in the industry. 

She has built numerous gaming brands from the ground up, including her recent total rebranding of Prima Games. Some of her other recent contributions were to ComicBook.com's gaming division WWG, GameDaily.biz, Twin Galaxies, Shack News, and Don't Feed the Gamers. She also has over 17 years of games media under her belt, including taking on roles such as Managing Editor, Creative Lead, Marketing, and even PR.

She has worked side-by-side with brands with voice-over work, social media content creation, scripts, and more with companies like Blizzard, HyperX, Turtle Beach, Techland, CD Projekt RED, Topgolf, Warner Bros, NetherRealm, ReedPop, Xbox, PlayStation, Alienware, and more.

A medically retired US Sailor and now full-time hoarder of gaming collectibles, Liana's passion for everything in the gaming industry is palpable. Also, if you lose her in a crowd, just casually mention any BioWare game and the crazy pterodactyl screech will without a doubt follow.










  • Community management

  • News media creation

  • Gaming entertainment

  •  Video production and editing

  •  Social media networking and marketing

  • Graphic design

  • Public speaking

  • Creative, business-facing, and editorial writing

  • Script-writing

  • Photography

  • Knows more about video games than could possibly be healthy

  • Insanely creative but can be very business-oriented with a Master's degree focused on Marketing 

  • Very Resourceful

  • Easily adaptable to change 

  • Accurately predicts trends

  • Exceptional communication skills and team management 



03 Experience


Game Informer

Associate Editor

Coming Soon

2019 - 2020

Greenlit Content | Prima Games

Director of Editorial / RFP | Editor-in-Chief at Prima Games 

In charge of all editorial direction for Greenlit Content, and agency that does everything in gaming from marketing for developers to PR, even big event creations such as mainstage E3 presentations. 

Utilizing our network of media sites including Prima Games, Twin Galaxies, GameDaily.biz, Shack News, Subnation, the Turtle Beach Blog, and more. Writing, editing, and managing a team of additional writers of 50+ members. Manage all properties while delegating micro-leadership for both websites and editorial client asks per RFP development and client relations. 

Create engaging social media content (videos, memes, articles, etc) for over 20 properties for optimized amplification and engagement practices. 

Work with clients, new and reoccurring, on a daily basis to ensure client needs are met while also supplying ideation and creative strategies for all things entertainment. 

Work with a team of video content creators as well for projects such as full-blown commercials, movies, even game creation itself. 

2017 - 2019

ComicBook.com / CBS

Managing Editor 

Work with a concentrated team across many high-traffic verticals, including PopCulture.com and other similar media sites under the ComicBook umbrella.

In charge of each contribution to be filled with personality and genuine care for the subject material, often with featured images, videos, and audio files personally created individually to reflect personal style on brand.


Work with a concentrated team across many high-traffic verticals, including PopCulture.com and other similar media sites under the ComicBook umbrella.


Don't Feed the Gamers "DFTG"

Co-Owner / Managing Editor 

Core duties included managing the back end of the website utilising Word Press while maintaining a strong and safe community across all social platforms.


Duties also include team management with the graphics team, the game streamers, sponsors, and writers.




Content creator for online websites, magazines, and social medias.


Writing samples include editorials, exclusive news pieces, reviews, and opinion pieces.
Manages socials such as business Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Attending major gaming and comic events as press and reporting interviews, VIP access, and celebrity interviews


United States Navy

Electrical Engineer 

Worked under the title "EM"​ or "Electrician's Mate."​ Trained up to Journeyman's level of electrical work before assigned to CVN 75, the carrier Truman.

Worked in the air department overseeing flight operations, safety procedures and maintaining a safe flight deck for the entire crew.

70+ marines and sailors aboard a 6,000 crew ship.


I'm open to event coverage, press events, and other media opportunities! Please leave a detailed message and if there will be travel required/accommodated



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